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Set The Huddle with Chris Williams

SET THE HUDDLE is the anchor show for the Network. This is Chris' show where he interviews Players, Coaches & Execs from all Professional Sports. Because he was a Tackle his show leans towards Football, Offensive Linemen and OLine play.


Redemption Stories of Faith

Redemption Stories of Faith is a show where Chris speaks with Athletes who have overcome personal challenges in life and are on the other side of those challenges. It will serve as an inspiration to others to never give up because there's always hope.


PAPN Professional Athlete Podcast Network

PAPN is the Professional Athlete Podcast Network where STN will host all the Podcasts from our contributors who are current or former Pro Athletes.


By His Side

BY HIS SIDE is a category lead by Marissa Williams. She will submit stories, poems and other written content and will receive the same from the wives, sisters, mothers and daughters of current & former Pro Athletes. It may also include some short audio clips.


Coach Speak

Coach Speak is the category that hosts all of our High School and College coaches shows. These shows cover all sports for both Men and Women.
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Recruiting Report

The Recruiting Report is where we host all of our written & video content from those covering the recruiting world. We also have videos submitted to us by high school juniors and seniors including video diaries and their recruiting trips to Colleges.


Soccer Coverage

Our Soccer Coverage will include coverage of the Nashville Soccer Club, College and High School Soccer. It includes written and video content as well.


High School

Our High School sports coverage section will include contributions from writers and content providers all across Middle Tennessee. This is the section where we recognize athletes who excel both on the academic and athletic levels.


The Press Box

The Press Box is where we will have written and other content contributions from reporters covering the SEC, Big 10, ACC and Regional Pro Sports cities.

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